Create and deliver professional and engaging business presentations

Whether you are presenting to a large audience, in a meeting or pitching to a potential client, Seed presentation training will change the way you think and deliver your presentations.


Presenting to small and large audiences

Learn audience focused presenting skills to deliver your key message and win over any audience. Keep your audience engaged from start to finish. Turn theory into practice and learn from trainer and peer feedback


Presenting in meetings

Connect with your audience and deliver your content to reach clearly defined goals. Manage difficult situations by mastering group dynamics. Present positive and negative performance in review meetings. 


Presenting in a virtual environment

Learn planning, structure and delivery techniques. Create engaging content and master your voice to keep audience attention. Be confident, professional and efficient, visually and orally.



Control your pitch and transmit a compelling message. Create confidence in yourself, your company and your service. Build a strong USP and deliver it with authority. Use audience focused language to lead your audience to the decision you want.


Advanced Presenting 

As an experienced presenter you will build on your skills to increase your persuasive power and engage your audience. Reflect, review and retrain the key skills to ensure consistent performance.

“Attending the Seed Training Presentation Workshop was just a great and very positive experience. The perfectly tailored Workshop with a superb mixture of theory and practice definitely boosted my presentation skills - far more than I was expecting.”
— Ralph U, Head of Corporate Accounting, Fresenius